The Library at the Morgan

The Grand Falloons

For 25 years, The Falloons, veterans of Broadway, Film, Television and the Big Apple Circus, have been commissioned by Museums, Festivals, Schools, the NEA and the EPA to take esoteric subjects and make them not only accessible but exhilarating for family audiences.  


The Falloons At The Morgan Library and Museum

For the past ten years the Falloons have been artists-in-residence at the Morgan Library & Museum in Manhattan.  Seriously Annotated Christmas Carol is a comic-vaudeville retelling of the classic holiday tale commissioned as a centerpiece of the Morgan’s Christmas Season Family Day in Pierpont Morgan's historic three-tiered library.  The show is presented along-side the annual showing of the original manuscript of “A Christmas Carol.”

Declan Kiely, the Robert H. Taylor Curator and Department Head of Literary & Historical Manuscripts at the Morgan and the man responsible for this showing says: 

" The Grand Falloons bring this story to life...with an antic energy, loaded with humor that appeals to adults and children and cleverly distilling the plot to its most entertaining elements....a popular favorite with our audeince."

The Performance

Charles Dickens narrates the tale in front of the library’s grand fireplace. Ebenezer Scrooge soon joins him and the story grows in magnitude and mayhem as all the favorite characters appear on various tiers of the library. Surrounding the audience are Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Crachit, a puppet-Tiny Tim, Marley’s Ghost, Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig, The Ghost of Christmas Past on stilts, a vegan- & technology-obsessed Ghost of Christmas Present and finally, a ten foot Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. The Falloons have been able to, at once, work comedically with Mr. Dickens shockingly beautiful language and stay true to its message.  Thru all their zaniness the Falloons somehow reach into the depth of pathos and final joy that is at the heart of A Christmas Carol.…and all in 20 minutes!

The Rest Of The Day


Before and after the show the audience is greeted and entertained by some of NYC's finest variety artists.  Throughout the museum Victorian magicians, musicians, and jugglers as well as the beloved characters from the story improvise and interact with the crowds. The entire afternoon is then culminated with a now joyful Ebenezer Scrooge and the entire ensemble caroling and dancing with the guests as they exit the museum.

Photo Credit, Flash Rosenberg


SUNDAY 12/15 , 2:30 AND  3:30 PM



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